Spiders of the Netherlands
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Here you can search spider species occuring in the Netherlands. The search engine is case-insensitive and searches through both Latin and common spider names.

Enter (part of) a spider species name and press return:

Identify a spider based on habitat and time of year

Have you found a spider and do you want to know what species it is? With this simple spider determinator you might find out. Depending on where you found it and the time of year these pages come up with a number of suggestions (pictures). Hopefully, your spider is among them.

It must be noted that it's not always easy to determine the species of a spider. A lot of spider species resemble eachother and there can be considerable variation within one species. Many spiders have to be examined using a microscope for proper identification.

Fortunately, it is usually possible to determine the family and genus of a spider without visual aids.

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Identify a spider by its appearance

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