Spiders of the Netherlands
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Araneidae - genus: Araniella (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1942)
sibling genera: Aculepeira, Agalenatea, Araneus, Araniella, Argiope, Cercidia, Cyclosa, Gibbaranea, Hypsosinga, Larinioides, Mangora, Neoscona, Nuctenea, Singa, Zilla, Zygiella

The genus Araniella is represented in the Netherlands by 4 species.

species English size ♀
size ♂
A. cucurbitinaGreen orbweaver4-63.5-4■■■■pictures
A. displicataSix-spotted orb weaver5-114-5■■■pictures
A. inconspicua5-5.54-4.5■■■■
A. opisthographa4-63.5-4■■■■pictures

Species marked with a background colour closely resemble eachother.

A. cucurbitina
A. opisthographa
A. displicata
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