Spiders of the Netherlands
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Tetragnathidae - genus: Tetragnatha
sibling genera: Meta, Metellina, Pachygnatha, Tetragnatha

The genus Tetragnatha is represented in the Netherlands by 8 species.

species English size ♀
size ♂
T. dearmata8-106-8■■■
T. extensaCommon longjawed orbweaver6.5-116-9■■■■pictures
T. montana6.5-116-9■■■■pictures
T. nigrita7-105-8■■■pictures
T. obtusa5-73.5-5.5■■■pictures
T. pinicola5-64.5-5■■■
T. reimoseri■■■
T. striata8.5-128-10■■■

Species marked with a background colour closely resemble eachother.

T. extensa
T. montana
T. obtusa
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